Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet: Infinity (2008)

“Based on this CD, Wayne Wallace has become my choice for the title of ‘Musician of the Year.’” Nelson Rodriguez, Latin Beat Magazine

“Distinguished trombonist and composer Wayne Wallace presents another sparkling album of Latin jazz music… Known as ‘the Doctor’ for his production skills, Wallace produces another exciting album of Afro-Cuban Latin jazz music, which now has become his specialty and trademark.” Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

“This disc highlights the beauty, energy, and diversity of Latin jazz by including such styles as songo, samba, bolero, mambo, cha-cha-cha, and funk. Infinity is wholeheartedly recommended. Great charts plus impeccable playing plus Latin grooves equals one great CD.” Richard Birk, International Trombone

“Infinity is an event that just cannot be ignored. Wallace appears to have found the exact center of the word “infinity” in meaning, context and expression. The fact he plays a trombone with such unbridled genius, of course gives him a head start.” Raul d’Gama Rose, Latin Jazz Network

“Trombonist Wayne Wallace’s Infinity, though adhering to standard Latin rhythms and melodic motifs, expresses more of a West Coast commercial mood, complete with R&B-fired electric bass and drums inferring multiple styles… Infinity’s best tracks are rife with flowing improvisation.” Ken Micallef, Down Beat

“This outstanding CD from Wallace and comrades easily doubles as dynamic Latin Jazz listening material or as party atmosphere-provider of the first order.”— Don Lerman, Cadence

“ALBUM OF THE WEEK. Trombonist Wayne Wallace serves as the picture perfect bandleader on Infinity, juggling original compositions, interesting arrangements, and a diverse ensemble while maintaining his solid musical concept… These elements form a cohesive vehicle for Wallace on Infinity, and he juggles them without fail, showing signs of a great bandleader that never drops the ball.” The Latin Jazz Corner

“This group’s sound is big, considering its relatively small size; plaudits to Wallace’s arrangements and the artistry of the instrumentalists and vocalists. Whether you’re just listening or dancing, this is a solid album for Latin jazz fans.” Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

“Their repertoire is flawlessly funky and erudite, based on excellent rhythm and blues and Afro-Cuban elements. They are all extraordinary jazz players, starting with Wallace himself.” Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz

“Infinity is another amazing production by Wayne Wallace, a talented musician who has become one of the masters in salsa and in Latin jazz and created a powerful identity for himself.” Eric Gonzalez, Herencia Latina

“The arrangements are well-paced throughout and the improvised sections are intuitively judged… There’s a distinctly warm summer breeze blowing through these Macclesfield streets this February evening thanks to Mr. Wallace and friends.” Carol Jarvis, Brass Band World

“It’s smart, well produced, and has a fine sense of melody, especially on the beautiful “Melodies of You,” and Gershwin’s “Loved Walked In,” sung lovingly by Jackie Ryan.” Kyle O’Brien, Jazz Society of Oregon

“This guy deserves to be heard more and more.” George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"This team has over five years of experience playing together and it shows in the seamless interaction of the band. There is a spirit of mutual respect between them that allows the soloist to excel and the unit to thrive! This is more ‘feel good’ music from Wallace.” Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

“The CDs by Wayne Wallace are filled with very attractive music: peaceful, yet containing an inner fire that is a testimony to a talent that has been for too long known largely only to those who live in and around San Francisco. Nice to share this Bay Area secret at long last.” Bruce Crowther, Swing2Bop.com

“No matter where you check him out, Wayne’s music will be full of heavy rhythm and innovative composition/arrangement. His appeal goes across all genre lines, and his talent shines through clearly. I give this one a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.” Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation

“Joyously on the money throughout, Wallace has firmly established himself as a player/producer you have to deal with. One of the nice faces of jazz’s future for sure.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Wallace consistently delivers an enjoyable brand of music hat might be termed jazz-inflected Latin pop music.” Jan P. Dennis, Audiophile Audition


Wayne Wallace: The Nature of the Beat (2008)

“The album bursts with brassy joy and ecstatic rhythm.” David Rubien, San Francisco Chronicle

“With every new album, the multi-tasking trombonist Wayne Wallace unfolds a work of art that leaves you filled with musical euphoria and makes you want to keep listening to it over and over… The Nature of the Beat is a Latin jazz album that moves you both physically and mentally. There’s groove, soul and a funky fusion that bridges African-American and Afro-Cuban popular musics together with delightful ease and synchronicity… This album solidifies in my mind that Wayne Wallace will go down in the annals of San Francisco Bay Area jazz history as one of the great musicians of the new millennium.” — Jesse Varela, Latin Beat

“A skillful trombonist and bandleader, Wayne Wallace uses The Nature of the Beat as a springboard for demonstrating the influence of Latin rhythm within a number of settings, some surprising… Wallace’s arrangements, populated with tightly synched, beefy horn charts and sturdy Latin percussion, are inspired and the execution laudable…” Jeff Tamarkin, Jazz Times

“BEST OF 2008. Sounds like a party, but while it has all the joy of a party performance, party bands rarely play with this much precision and consistency… the set list is solid gold in this group’s hands.” Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz

“AMG ALBUM PICK. Wayne Wallace has been steadily moving up the ladder as one of the premier players on his instrument, and merging more so to the Latin jazz idiom… he is an extraordinary trombone player and improviser, of that there is no doubt.” Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

“On his latest, The Nature of the Beat, Wallace brings a long, productive career in music into focus with a set built around a variety of Latin grooves colored with funk and informed by jazz… It sounds like music for a dance party, a populist approach in which the boundaries between listeners, dancers, and players melt away in sweaty celebration.” Cadence Magazine

“CD OF THE MONTH. Wayne Wallace is an impressive trombonist whose solo contributions display a rich, fruity tone and a soulful command of melody… This is an excellent collection of joyous music that deserves to bring Wayne Wallace to the attention of a much wider audience.” Bryan Davis, Brass Band World

“Fans of Latin big band jazz are certain to enjoy this album.” Ric Bang, The Davis Enterprise

“Wallace takes the listener on a journey through a wide range of styles… he has captured the ‘cool jazz’ essence, and seamlessly incorporated a Latin Jazz groove.”— Darin Cash, International Trombone Association Journal

“The Nature of the Beat is a hot blend of high energy Latin jazz and soulful rhythm & blues.” Accent on Tampa Bay Magazine

“Wallace and his band mates provide dizzying virtuosity and create breathtaking musical hybrids, having fun all the while.” Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz

“The Nature of the Beat is an invigorating treasure-trove for Latin-loving eclectics.” Mark Keresman, East Bay Express Music

“Wallace is a trombone player in demand, so when he does his own records, there’s reason to listen. Overall, a fun and inspired album.” Kyle O’Brien, Jazz Scene

“One of today’s creative musical minds is that of SF Bay Area’s ace trombonist Wayne Wallace, who is constantly stretching his talent… He expounds on the jazz elements with his infusion of timba-funk, and Cuban music in what must be regarded as one of the year’s top releases.” Nelson Rodriguez, Latin Beat

“The Nature of the Beat is an interesting album of dimensions and rhythms that should please the most ardent Latin music lover.” Eric Alan, Jazz Rendezvous

“The call to dance or just be happy resounds from the horns, the rhythm and the voices on this fabulous Latin big band release.” Dick Bogle, The Skanner

“This is creative, inspirational and really moves.” Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

“This release brings the music of the West Indies and South America to the coasts of North America and shows American jazz what it has been missing.” Susan Frances, Jazz Review.com

“In addition to his warm-toned, fluid and imaginative ‘bone playing,’ Wallace shows abundant talents as arranger, producer and composer. His Afro-Cuban music bristles with energy and spirit that will leave you eagerly awaiting his next album!” Nancy Ann Lee, Jazz & Blues Report

“CRITIC’S CHOICE. Latin bandleader Wayne Wallace has proven, time and time again, that the trombone can be just as glamorous as the saxophone.” Rachel Swan, East Bay Express

“Some of the best horn ensemble writing these days is coming from Latin jazz arrangers such as Marty Sheller and Gary Morgan. Add Wallace to the list.” Owen Cordle, The News & Observer

“Kudos to Wallace and band mates for a heck of a performance and production.” Edward Blanco, Ejazz News

“Running on a dandy mixture of passion, style and chops, Wallace is on the money throughout delivering a great groove that just doesn’t quit. Definitely put this on your list of must hear new records.” Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“If you don’t find yourself feeling better after listening to this exciting album a couple of times, you’re in need of an M.D., for sure. This enchanting musical adventure gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us. Start checking your favorite CD store now.” Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation